Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully

Hire Agreements

Hire Agreement

An amount of R 900.00 for JHB and R 1,000.00 for PTA is to be paid to the driver (Joe) for the Special Delivery upon your receipt of the piano. (This amount pays for transport to your residence and is not a deposit.)

If you decide to cancel this agreement, an R 800.00 cash fee will be charged for the collection of the piano.

A current monthly charge of R 350.00 is to be paid in advance for each month and is to reach us before the seventh day of the month. A Stop or Debit order is preferable.

PLEASE: If tuning is required, we have to charge a “call-out fee” of R 500.00 (cash).

We will send you a hire agreement and after you complete and return it to us, the piano will be delivered at your convenience.


  • A copy of your identity document is required.
  • Malicious damage will be charged for at normal rates.
  • Piano cannot be moved unless by us.
  • Additional transport will then be charged for at normal rates.
  • Notice of one full month to be given on cessation of hire;
  • Prices quoted are for a minimum hire period of 6 months (including notice).
  • Hires for shorter periods are quoted at different rates due to transport costs.
  • The piano remains property of Helga Eshelby Hire Pianos.

Please also note that pianos must not stand on under-floor heating or too near a heat source since this will affect its tuning.